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Four Signs of Nociplastic Pain

Four Signs of Nociplastic Pain Chronic back pain, migraines, and irritable bowel share the feature of nociplastic pain. In 2016, the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP) proposed the term nociplastic pain to describe discomfort that arises from abnormal sensory processing in the brain. Nociplastic pain, also referred to as central sensitization, is…

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Screen for Nociplastic Pain–Central Sensitization Inventory

The central sensitization inventory (CSI) screens for symptoms related to sensitization or nociplastic pain   Signs of nociplastic pain 1. long-standing symptoms symptoms (> 3 months) 2. spread of symptoms beyond the boundary of the injury area 3. marked increased sensitivity to painful stimuli, and 4. non-pain symptoms that cause system-wide symptoms like severe fatigue…

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Pain Provider Reg Flags

Pain Provider Red Flags When you struggle with pain, finding the right provider is critical to your physical health and your sanity. It’s imperative that your doctor listens, understands, and believes you. The wrong provider results in unnecessary, counterproductive torment. Why won’t they listen? Why don’t they believe I know what works? Why do they…

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