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    New book sheds light on healing chronic headaches, back pain, and digestive issues

    Sunbreak explains the nerve disorder affecting 30 million Americans BUY NOW ON AMAZON   Thirty million people in the United States suffer from a condition that causes chronic pain, but conventional medical testing doesn’t show the source of the problem. Central sensitization syndrome (CSS) stems from a dysfunction in the nervous system, where over-reactive nerves send exaggerated…

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    The Central Sensitization Pain Inventory–is your score > 40?

    Central Sensitization Inventory- Symptom Evaluator   The clinical tool, called the central sensitization inventory (CSI), screens for symptoms related to sensitization that increase pain levels. If sensitization is present, the treatment is different.       Signs of nerve sensitization: long-standing symptoms symptoms (> 3 months) spread of symptoms beyond the boundary of the injury…

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